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Updates 8/11/12

Hello everyone.

I start classes next Wednesday, and I'm doing my best to get prepared for them. Until I find out what my hours are, posts may be sporadic. I may not post tomorrow, or it may be quite late when I do. I have three different birthday parties to attend tonight, so I won't be getting home until quite late. Thought you ought to know.

I have a request for some of my more computer-savvy readers. I've been having issues with my internet browsers. When I have multiple tabs open, and I click on a different one to view it, the tab I've clicked opens into a new window. I'm not dragging it. Only clicking it, but it still opens to a new window. My wife's computer has been doing this as well. I'm on a laptop, she's on a PC. I'm using Chrome, she's using Firefox. I've searched for an answer, but it seems we're the only ones with this issue. It's very frustrating, and I just drag it back into the original window to make it a tab again, but I've got to fix this or I'm going to go mad. It makes writing the blog take much longer. I've already written half of it, and this has happened at least four or five times. Help?

Today we have one post brought to us by Kate, and most of the rest by Charles. Charles has found quite a few interesting topics today. And we have a bit of news that I've found.

Just remember... Brackets [] mean that person submitted the link. [Anon] means the person submitting wished to remain anonymous. If there are no brackets, I found the link. Parentheses () mean my personal comments on the article.

-- [Kate] In Minnesota, people crowded into the Governor's reception area to demand a change to welfare benefits. Welfare benefits in the state have not changed since 1986 (which is the year I was born. No wonder they're upset) and an allotment for two people is only 437$. (That wouldn't even cover my half of the rent!) The benefits have obviously not kept up with inflation, or they would be twice as much. The people refused to leave until they set in motion a plan to meet with the Governor himself.

-- Mitt Romney has picked his nominee for Vice-President. His name is Paul Ryan, a seven-term Republican Congressperson from Wisconsin. He's best known for his fiscal conservatism, and his desire to dismantle Medicare for seniors and strong plans against immigration. (Well, there goes Florida. Kidding, kidding, but it might be more accurate than I like to admit.) Still don't know who he is? Don't feel bad; you aren't alone. 38% of Americans have never heard of the man, and 47% of Americans who have don't like him.

I'm moving into links now, both because Charles sent a lot of information, and because I'm going to throw my computer across the room if it doesn't QUIT THIS SHIT! I just had to switch over to Internet Explorer... Thanks to my email for at least saving this as a draft. Almost lost everything I've typed.

-- [Charles] A live-streamer caught up with Co-Counsel after a court hearing on the NDAA injunction. Watch this video to see what they had to say about the goings-on.

-- [Charles] Donald Trump vs. the 99%? Want to know more about Trump's efforts against Occupy, and the Scottish village I told you about weeks ago? This video gives a little insight, and provides some links so you can follow up.

-- [Charles] Stratfor has revealed that they have a secret detailed surveillance system in place, says emails hacked and released by Anonymous. Are you affected? (Short answer, yep.) Read more here.

-- [Charles] Wikileaks has been under major DDoS attacks for five days now. The site has been down, and most of the site's mirrors (sites that reflect the same information to make sure it can still be seen in the event of such an attack) have also been attacked and knocked down as well. What's going on here? They're working hard to find out.

-- [Charles] OWS is putting out a global call for Chalkupy!

-- [Charles] Martial law may really be just around the corner. Many anonymous servicepeople and government informants have come forward to say that preparations for martial law are alomost complete. (This is bad. This is really bad.) Read this and see what you think. Have you noticed anything different?


I'm sorry about any weirdness today's blog may hold. I've been fighting with my computer since 10 this morning to write this. It's noon. Two hours just for this. If you know someone computer-savvy and willing to help, send them my way at Thanks for reading. You make a two-hour writing hell worthwhile. :P

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