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Updates 8/25/12

Hello everyone. 

My research is going swimmingly... or better than my homework anyway. The only problem I have is that when I work on it for several hours, I begin to get irritable at the organizations I'm looking at. You can only read about Focus on the Family for so long before you want to start throwing shit, you know? 

We have a new contributor today! Adding to Charles and Kate, let's welcome Margo to the group. Margo has sent us some news about upcoming events with Occupy Chicago. Charles has also supplied some links for today. Let's jump right in.

-- [Charles] A recent story run by NPR praised Bank of America for donating homes without doing any research on the back-story. It seems that while BofA donates homes regularly, they are now getting credits for it as part of the settlement against them due to their faulty and fraudulent foreclosure practices. It doesn't really equate to a penalty since it is something they would be doing anyway. Check out this story to see how they are getting double credits for it, too.

-- This article by FireDogLake calls our attention to the government fabrication of extremists and terrorists in order to gain high profile arrests. This type of infiltration and pressured extremism has already been experienced by Occupy several times, in which government agents attempted to convince activists to make Molotov cocktails or take things to a more extreme level. This is an important piece for anyone considering participating in any large-scale protests.

-- Occupy The Midwest: Another World is Possible is a conference in Detroit happening right now, and continuing until Sunday. Over 300 Occupiers are coming in from states all over the Midwest, and as far as London, England, to talk plans, protests, and what they can do to make things better. The group is holding workshops on everything from urban farming to banks.

-- [Charles] The RNC is getting more and more interesting every day, and this time, it's all about flight. United Drones is sending in autonomous unmanned drones to fly around Tampa during the convention, and these drones can not only provide surveillance, but also carry lethal and non-lethal weaponry. But these drones aren't alone. F-15s will also be flying over the city to make sure that nothing happens in the sky. Check out this article for more info.

-- Here's another person without a clue. Read this short piece to find out why this guy thinks Occupy is dead and gone. (Hint: He obviously doesn't look beyond his own city.)

-- [Margo] This is an excerpt from Margo's email. Here's what you need to know about Occupy Chicago!

Occupy Obama will take place from Sept 3-6:  they will have 4 days of events: 
September 3: Immigration
September 4 5PM, Jackson&Lasalle: Reject President 1%: End Obama's War On the World's 99%
September 5: Mortgage Debt/Foreclosures
September 6: Democracy

And, Occupy Chi has come up with a brilliant political satire/theatrical project called Revolutionaries for Romney.... they have a twitter account @revs4romney, a FB page: a website: and a campaign video  its great!  check it out.


To contact me, email Thanks to Kate, Charles, and Margo for all their help, and thanks to all of you for reading!

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