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Updates 8/27/12

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-- Public Editor Andrew Brisbane of the New York Times is on his way out, but not without making a few stabs at his former employer. Brisbane penned an opinion piece slamming the NYT for its "progressivism" (which is not actually a word, I believe. It should be progressiveness), and for turning stories concerning Occupy and gay marriage into "causes." This article is from the Washington Post, which basically called Brisbane out on not backing up his accusations, as well as asking the all important question of -If Occupy was one of the NYT's pet causes, why on Earth did they take so long to notice it, and why did many of their pieces concerning it actually dog the movement?

-- Today is the day for protesters in Hong Kong, as they have a legal deadline of 9 p.m. to be out. If Occupiers do not comply, a bailiff will write a writ of possession and eviction will be executed, according to the HSBC spokesperson. Occupiers say they will not leave, but violence will not result. Rather, they will peacefully protest while being forcefully removed.

-- Occupy Psychiatry is holding a rally on October 6 to protest for those who have been forced to undergo "unwanted and unneeded" psychiatric treatment. The group is joining forces with multiple other activist groups to bring light to what they call "Psychiatric treatment that denies human rights." (Personally, this protest isn't for me. I know that there are indeed many people on medication they don't need, and also don't want. But there are also people that don't want medication, but need it. I initially did not want to take medication, due to my concerns about chemicals and harmful effects. Several years ago, I ended up self-admitting myself into a psychiatric ward because I was a full-blown Bulimic and I genuinely scared myself with suicidal thoughts and desires. I was forcibly medicated once I arrived, and while that particular medication was not right for me, I was able to finally see that I needed the help. It took that event in my life to convince me that something was seriously wrong. Now I have a diagnosis (or two, if you count the bulimia), the right medication, and I no longer have suicidal tendencies. I also personally know plenty of people who are medicated because they realized they needed help, and plenty of people who probably should be on some sort of medication, but refuse to acknowledge any problems. I would never tell them they need to take something, because it is not my place to tell you what to do with your body. I will say that I have been home over five times in the past two years for funerals of people I cared about. I will also say that in almost every case, if they would have been medicated, maybe they would not have taken their own lives. That's not to say it would have been perfect, and that it would have worked every time. But there is a chance that they would have survived with medication and mental health care, none of which were available to them in the shitty, podunk town I come from.)

-- [Charles] Want to know what is going on at the RNC? Here is a schedule of events set up for you, as well as phone numbers, maps, themes, and other information you need to know. 

-- [Charles] Remember the sense of awe we all felt the first time we saw "We Are The 99%" lit up on the side of a building in NYC? Remember how amazing it was to watch the names of Occupied cities flash by as we watched for our towns? Well, meet the Illuminators, and they need our help. They are the mobile projection unit responsible for the inspiring images we saw. They are trying to spread out and bring the Illuminators to more cities across the nation. They are asking for donations through Kickstarter, and offering some gifts in reward for donating certain amounts. I'm donating what I can, and I ask you to join me. These units really do inspire.


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