Saturday, August 4, 2012

Updates 8/4/12 - A little more about me + Some sad news.

Hello everyone.

It's raining. And I mean raining. We've got thunderstorms, and it's been raining for a few hours now. Some areas around my building are completely flooded. It's too little too late for many farmers, of course. But rain... glorious rain. I've had the crap scared out of me like three times by thunder already. I'm not usually afraid of it, but when it shakes your home like an earthquake? Ha.

My mood is much better than it was, and my teeth are healing nicely. Too bad I go back in three days for more work. But then I'm done! I've been working on getting my teeth fixed for over three years. It's been a long process because I don't have dental insurance, so everything is out of pocket. I have limited health insurance through my school, but that's about it, and it doesn't cover teeth. We were hoping last week would be the last, but it seems that one of my bottom fillings got lifted, and now I have a cavity UNDER it. So that's what I'm going to have fixed. In case you were wondering, I've had two wisdom teeth pulled (after they came in sideways and broke), my first left molar shattered (it was a baby tooth with no replacement. They aren't supposed to last 26 years), and 8 fillings. See, on top of Fibromyalgia, arthritis, asthma, strange bone structure, female issues, Borderline Personality Disorder, PTSD, and broken ankles, I also have a condition called congenitally missing teeth. I only had two wisdom teeth to begin with. And that permanent left molar never developed either. Oh, and my canines are "upside-down," meaning that they are flipped. My bottom ones should be on top, and so on. I'm a very strange little person, but I deal with it. 

My brother's teeth are worse than mine. He only has like 10 permanent teeth. The rest are baby teeth. He's 24, and he has a lot more problems than I do. When I feel weak, I just remind myself of his strength. He has Duchennes Muscular Dystrophy. He wasn't supposed to live this long. He's had 3rd degree burns (from an accident where he set himself on fire from his belly button to his chin), broken bones (including his femur in two places after his wheelchair malfunctioned and threw him out of the back of a van, landing on top of him on the pavement), he's on a breathing machine, and has a difficult time eating, writing, and doing really anything. He's also autistic, and is mentally challenged in some respects. Yet he still goes out.... goes to the movies sometimes, and goes to the store and stuff like that. He's more social than I am. He's my heart and my perseverance. I don't see him nearly as often as I should. He's the one who made me go to school. He got his burns the same day that I got my acceptance letter to my university. I wasn't sure if I should go then, or stay home and try to work to take care of the family. After a few days in a coma, he woke up and talked through his breathing machine. You aren't supposed to be able to do that. He said "Go to school." 

I went to school.

And now I'm here. Working hard to get good grades. Fighting to survive in a college market where nearly everything is predatory and nothing you do matters. I will never give up. 

I don't tell people these things so they will feel sorry for me. I don't need sympathy. I also don't need people to be proud of or awed by me. I ask for respect. I ask for understanding. That's all.

I'm also here bringing you the news. :)

-- Some interesting information is coming out of NYC. The City of New York has decided that they will not be defending the NYC deputy inspector who pepper-sprayed people outside of the rules. Four people have filed lawsuits against the officer, and they have video proof on their side. That may have been what swayed the city to not defend him, as in most cases, these are "he said, she said" fights. Not in this one. To see what else the city had to say, click the link.

-- Occupy Oakland took to the streets in another FTP march, but this time FTP had two meanings: Fuck the Police, and Fuck the Permits. The monthly Art Murmur has been growing each month, turning the streets into an intricate dance of art, food, and fun. But police are cracking down on the event, saying those without permits will be ticketed starting next month. Occupiers are up in arms about the change, marching in a sort of "dance party" to protest. Bystanders cheered the activists as they passed by. As the event got rowdy, windows were broken at President Obama's Campaign Headquarters, but the culprits of such actions are not known. 

-- [Kate] Today, Kate brings up information of a huge Education Strike, planned for dates in both October and November. This action is not merely limited to the States, but is a call for Global Unity in action. It was agreed upon and submitted by the International Student Movement. To find out the exact dates and plans, visit the site.

-- Lastly, we have some very sad news to share. It seems that on July 31st, two Occupiers were murdered in separate events. Tsega Tsegay was beaten to death by her husband. She is remembered as a loving and fun person who always worked hard, no matter how hopeless situations seemed. She was commonly seen around the Oscar Grant Plaza. Alex Mahan was killed by a drive-by shooting on the same night. He is remembered for being a kind and energetic person who never missed an opportunity to fight for what he believed in. Alex was part of Occupy Stockton, but was often seen joining in at Occupy Oakland. Please remember these two in your hearts and speak kindly of them. To learn more about them and see what these wonderful people looked like, visit this site at IndyBay.


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