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Updates 8/24/12

Hello everyone.

I guess I'm sick... or something. I hurt pretty bad right now. Feels like I tore a bunch of muscles in my sides and my thighs. If it isn't better by Monday, I guess I'll be heading in to see that new doctor again.

Once again, Kate and Charles have somehow realized that I needed some help, and sent me tons of information for you. I do have a few stories that I've found as well.

-- Breaking News -- 

This morning at least ten people were shot at the Empire State Building, with two being killed. One of the two dead is the shooter. It is the height of tourist season, but a police source says that there is no apparent link to terrorism.



  [ter-uh-riz-uhm]  Show IPA
the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce,especially for political purposes.
the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism orterrorization.
a terroristic method of governing or of resisting agovernment.

Sounds to me like until they find out the motives, it cannot be determined if it is terrorism. Regardless, my heart goes out to those involved, and their families.

-- An Fort Collins Occupier, Benjamin David Gilmore, is being accused of setting a 10 million dollar fire after his cellmate told police that Gilmore confessed to him. The inmate's name is being withheld by the judge, although several media outlets are contesting the decision. After writing the letter to authorities, the inmate was moved to a call that had thicker mattresses, access to headphones, and better TVs, but he says he did not write the letter to gain any special treatment.

-- [Charles] This video, posted on August 22, reveals that police in Tampa have huge plans for the RNC. This prison has been entirely emptied in preparation for the estimated 1,000 arrests each day.

-- [Charles] Thought crimes are punishable in this country, albeit not legally. This man, Brandon Raub, has been locked up in a psychiatric ward for who knows how long, kidnapped from his home by police and detained. Why? Because he posted his opinions on Facebook about 9/11 being an inside job, and the government being run by wackjobs. A judge finally ordered his release recently, because the police had no legal reason to hold him. Read this article about it, and you'll be just as shocked as I was about their excuses and his treatment.

-- [Charles] Chris Hedges is a former New York Times reporter, who now writes books and advocates for revolutionary change in the US. This article is an interview with the man from Truthout, talking about his new book, "Days of Destruction Days of Revolt," and why he believes that revolution may be all we have left.

-- [Charles] We've all heard of Freeganism before, but some people don't know what it means or entails. This site can help with that. Here, you can learn about how to survive after capitalism, and what else this total boycott of the profit-motivated economic system involves.

-- [Charles] This video is fantastic. The news has reported time and time again that Occupiers are hurting local businesses, and that city workers have had to spruce up the parks because of the damage left behind. This man first questions homeless people about the tree-trimmings, only to find that the trees have not been trimmed to help business, but rather to reduce shade to encourage homeless individuals to go elsewhere. Follow him as he then goes to local businesses to get their takes on whether or not Occupy really does hurt their business.

Next up, I'm pasting in a large part of Kate's email. She writes well and offers good explanations. Her husband wrote a beautiful poem, which she shared with me. I may post it later on, if that is okay with them. Until then, here is Kate's section of the news!

Here's some links from the national front I can share with you this evening:
Occupy Tallahassee has until 1 September to vacate their space by the City: (I"m sorry I can't supply you any more details on that occupation. I don't know how long they've been encamped.)
It's sad enough that there's people experiencing lack and hunger, but just as sad that feeding the hungry is discouraged, apparently coast to coast. This article cites multiple examples of bans on feeding others.
On 21 August, 4 people were arrested outside Trinity Church in NYC. You've probably heard about that. Here's the video footage of the arrests captured by an online occupier and shared via twitter. Gotta love the social media <3
A Seattle occupier arrested 13 October, 2011 had charges dismissed on Monday:
The move toward change is a global event. Here's 3 links shared with me today.
In Chile (23 August) students clashed with police, and shown vividly in this slide show:
And thousands were in the street on 22 August in Montreal in support of the student strike and other injustices: "The students marched just as they have on the 22nd of every month, for the last six months."
Solidarity against pipelines and the Tar Sands oil extraction continues to grow and the people are uniting efforts in British Columbia against the Pacific Trails Pipeline project. Here's a video that covers info on the issue and recent direct action:
We stand on the shoulders of giants. Here's some info on 2 of them, one still here to inspire us, the other's memory we'll honor on Friday.
Vandana Shiva announces the Act for Seed Freedom and the plans for global direct actions in protest of seed company monopolies and control of our seed sources:
And last, but not least, 24 August is the 90th birthdate of Howard Zinn. Hopefully everyone knows who he is by now, and I'm grateful for this tribute from Common Dreams, least we forget:  R.I.P. Howie. <3 I know his spirit and energy is in the streets and heard in our voices as we find our way forward to the more just and peaceful future he helped us envision.


To contact me, email Thanks for reading! Thanks again to Kate and Charles for their generosity and help!

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