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Updates 8/20/12

Hello everyone.

Want to hear something so shockingly stupid that your mouth drops open? Here you go: Yesterday in an interview, Republican Representative Todd Akin, who is running for Senate from Missouri, defended his completely anti-abortion rules by saying that "If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down." He believes that a woman's body has some sort of defense mechanism, and once she has been "legitimately" raped, it is unlikely that she will get pregnant because of these defenses. Wow. He went on to say that if that doesn't work, there should be punishment of some sort, but for the rapist, not the child. Pretty much everyone stepped away from him and pretended they didn't know him after all that. He later said he "misspoke" and that his comments do not represent the deep empathy he has for victims of rape. (Ya think?) Read his whole quote, and some reactions, here.

On to the Occupy news. We have a couple videos today, supplied by my two informants. One of them doesn't have much of a description, but looks quite interesting nonetheless. 

-- [Kate] Over in Chicago, Occupiers invaded the Air and Water Show to perform some political theatre. The livestreaming ability was nil to none, so the livestreamer instead edited together a ten minute video of some of the great actions they performed. 

-- [Charles] This next video from Charles looks intriguing, and Charles sent me a message along with it. All it says is "Mr. Satan Goes to Wall Street." What does that mean? Watch the video to find out, then read the next piece. 

-- [Charles] Did you watch the video above? Do you want more information? Well, here you go. Mr. Satan Goes to Wall Street is a musical performed by a well-known guerrilla theatre company. It has a great storyline illustrating the intricacies of Occupy, and will be performed at both of the upcoming National Conventions. You can read the basic story here.

-- [Charles] The last guest piece we have for today is a bit of dark humor from Charles, and I agree with the caption. What a perfect analogy. You should be able to see this with or without a Facebook account.

-- Occupy London is having some arguments within the group. The group seems to be split on whether or not to support Julian Assange in his bid to gain political asylum in Ecuador. The issue at hand does not seem to be stemming from his release of information, but rather from the rape charges he faces. Many of the activists who have been in support say they are not supporting Assange himself, but rather showing solidarity with Wikileaks, whose support of Occupy has been nonstop. The group reports that there are many differing opinions in Occupy, and this should not be taken as a sign that Occupy is done.

-- Has Occupy DC been infiltrated by people who want a violent revolution? The person writing this article seems to think so. The author has recordings of a recent meeting in which the former President of the Amalgamated Transit Union, Mike Golash, makes comments about possibly overthrowing capitalism and not being pacifists. The author adds their own commentary behind the quotes, making sure you know what the person speaking is insinuating. (Basically, just read the thing and see if you got the same impression I did. What I see is an author taking things out of context and adding their beliefs to the pile. The man didn't say he wanted to become violent. He said we knew better because of what would happen if we did. Geez.)


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