Monday, August 6, 2012

Updates 8/6/12

Hello everyone.

Yesterday was quite a day, wasn't it? There was the landing of the Mars rover, although technically that was this morning. There was a terrible shooting at a Sikh Temple, which the media is now saying was performed by an alleged white supremacist. Police are apparently calling it an act of "domestic terrorism," but I find myself wondering if the media will actually call it that. My heart goes out to the victims and their families. 

News now.

-- Police have once again moved in on Occupiers in Frankfurt, Germany. This time they are clearing the encampment. They have asked people to leave. A crane is loading belongings into a truck for removal, and barricades have been placed around tents. City officials say they are trying to clear the camp "as peacefully as possible."

-- Occupiers in Berkeley working to stop foreclosures now have the support of the Berkeley City Council. The groups involved credit Occupy with bringing foreclosure issues to the forefront. The City Council and many others are now working together in an effort to convince the government to seize mortgages to provide relief to troubled homeowners. (In a bit of hilariousness, while most people working on this credit Occupy, the media claims that the plan simply "has links to" Occupy.)

-- After finding a man who was either burglarizing or squatting (reports are unclear) in a duplex meant to be up for sale, police and the media suspect that Occupy Portland may be involved. The duplex was next door to a house associated with "Occupy squatters," and a fence between the backyards was apparently removed. Read what else they think they found here. (While it may seem "obvious" to some that Occupiers were involved, it's not actually fair or lawful to make that assumption without legitimate proof. It may well be the case that Occupy was involved. I'm not discounting that. All I'm saying is that the law should still be open to investigation, without making biased assumptions beforehand.)


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