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Updates 8/21/12 - Things That Make Kitty Hiss.

Hello everyone.

I think I'm going to introduce a new section today. There are a lot of things that make me mad in this world, but for the most part I keep quiet about them. It's my job to bring you the news, not put my opinion in everything. I do anyway, sometimes, enclosed in parentheses. But this section will be more rare than that. It's going to be called "Things That Make Kitty Hiss," and it will only show up when I have found quite a few things that make me roll my eyes, complain about stupidity, or just get downright furious. It will still be news; I'm not going to post things about my school or my life unless it's a mini-rant like I've done before. That won't be found in this section. Let's move on to the news, and after that you will find the new section. 

-- [Charles] The Overpass Light Brigade is a group of people who work together to make messages shine above the highways at night. Their website is clean and simple, and includes their basic beliefs, Twitter updates, articles and diaries, and a how-to page if you are interested in making your own light-up letter boards. 

-- Thousands of activists are preparing to make their way to both Tampa and Charlotte. Occupy Tampa will likely remain in the West Tampa park during the convention, as the park owner has given them an eviction notice of September 15th, much to the dismay of those fighting to have them removed earlier. The Occupy groups in both of these areas will be joined by Occupiers from numerous cities, both nearby and quite distant.

-- [Charles] S17 is less than a month away now, and Occupiers are setting up plans. This website invites all of the 99% to join in for three days of "education, celebration, and resistance." You can also sign up to get updates via email or text. (I'll be signing up for texts. I use them to keep my local group informed of any major events that they need to see.) You can help them organize by submitting your own call to action as well. 

-- Occupy Our Homes has gone nationwide with the launch of a new television advert series broadcasting the fight against foreclosures to all. The advert offers hope to those in trouble, and supplies homeowners with a link that will help them form sit-ins and other methods to work on saving their homes. The spots will appear on CNN, Fox, and MSNBC. (For some reason, Fox listed this news story under their "leisure" section. -.- Maybe this should have gone under the next section because of that.)

-- [Charles] This link will take you to a little video that uses humor to tackle a serious subject. Recently, Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to perform their new song. With host Jimmy Fallon's help, they perform the environmental protest song "Don't Frack My Mother."

All right then, welcome to the new section of our Occupy News blog. The writings in this section are heavily influenced with my opinions. I had many people write me and ask me to give my views more often. It seems people actually want to know what I'm thinking, which is both a pleasant change and a bit scary, since I'm not used to having free reign to spout off. This section may have increased amounts of bad language, or it may not, depending on my mood. Just a warning.

Things That Make Kitty Hiss!

First up today, we have another article that takes one man's statements and pins them on the whole movement. A few days ago, the former President of a labor union commented that he wanted to remove Capitalism and replace it with Communism. This article takes it past the Occupy movement, saying that it isn't a surprise to them, since President Obama and several of the Democratic leaders said they supported Occupy. That must make us all Commies, right?! Sorry, oh writer of the article who makes bad assumptions. Up to 13% of Occupiers have said they support Socialism, not Communism. If you think those are the same thing, please take the time to either Google them, or enroll in a 100 level Sociology class at you local community college. For the record, I'm a Socialist. To be completely honest, I'm either a Socialistic Democrat or a Democratic Socialist. Those are not the same thing, but they are used interchangeably so often that for now I've forgotten the damn difference. I'll look it up later and tell you. This article also accuses Occupiers of: wanting bailouts so they can live comfortably without working for it, wanting the successful to be punished for their success, and of being Marxists, who they refer to as "the barbarians of modern society." Fuck you, dude. I love Marx. His conflict theory is awesome. It has flaws, yes, but they all do in some way. So basically, the author is using the same banter that people use when they have no clue what Occupy is or does.

Next, we're accused of being Marxists again, but this time we are funded by Soros. This article also accuses the ACLU of putting out a guidebook of how to fuck with the RNC, titled "Rights and Wrongs at the RNC. Sounds scary, right? The author calls it "the leftist playbook for applying legal and financial pressure before, during, and after protests." Oh, the humanity! How horrible of us to legally apply pressure for political views. Apparently, that's only for the lobbyists. *sarcasm*

Here's a fun one. This guy believes that the Illuminati communicated with the global audience during the Olympics using satanic and occult messages and symbols. That's it. That's all I'm going to say about this. Except... I guess it's a good thing I didn't have time to watch much of the Olympics, yeah? *guffaws*

Next up is this article by a guy who says he used to call Occupy "the Tea Party with brains." Now he's backtracking, saying he was wrong. He says that the Tea Party beat Occupy because Occupy "never sent a clear message." The Tea Party has completely oversimplified their stance, gaining a lot of fans from people who aren't interested in looking shit up for themselves, but hey, their message is clear, right? Good grief. It's like the Tea Party Family Guy episode in real life. No one wants to do any (mental) work for themselves, so they demand it in small enough, simple enough portions so that it can be spoon-fed to them. Arg.

Finally, the story that pisses me off the most. This young man, Ronald Weekly Jr., age 20, was riding his skateboard in front of his house, attempting to avoid gang members across the street. Apparently he was riding his board on the wrong side of the street, which attracted the attention of Los Angeles police. So what did the police do? Did they say, hey, you shouldn't be on the board here? Did they say knock it off or we'll arrest you? Did they arrest him? Well, the answer to the last question is yes, but not until after they beat the living shit out of the kid. There is cell-phone video of multiple officers holding him down, while still punching him. You can hear him screaming, and the neighbors screaming. His arms were pinned behind him, yet they kept punching. What the fuck, people? What the ever-living fuck.

I hope you 'like' the new section. By that, I mean I hope it helps you understand some of the things that make me mad. There will be more, not always Occupy-related. In this case, it was mostly people talking about Occupy without actually knowing what the hell they're talking about. I will also talk about race-related issues, as well as SES (Socio-Economic Status or class), gender, sexuality, gender identity, and many other topics that affect us all in one way or another. Sometimes we all need to get fired up about the injustices in our world. The fact that many of us don't is a sign of the times. Let's change that, shall we?


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