Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Updates 8/29/12

Hello everyone.
With the RNC in full swing, Charles and I are working hard to get tons of info for you. Mrs. Kitty, my wife, even supplied one of today's articles.
-- [Charles] I get the InterOccupy Update email, but here it is for you if you don't want to get the newsletter. It includes this week's calls to action, announcements, news stories, and any new Occupy hubs that are cropping up.
-- [Charles] Here's a video from the RNC, in which videographers are being detained and the police state gets just a bit wet, thanks to Hurricane Issac. Coming from IndyBay.
-- [Charles] Moving away from the RNC for now, here's an article about activists fighting back against the NYPD's disturbingly racist Stop and Frisk policy. It details the previous issues Occupiers and others have had with stop and frisk, and what they plan to do about it.
-- [Charles] Let's head back to the RNC for a shouting match. No, literally. A bit of a stand-off occurred between Romney supporters and Ron Paul supporters, ending with Romney potentially alienating all of Paul's very passionate crowd. They were apparently trying, and oddly succeeding, in doing voice votes on rules during this crazy shouting match.
-- [Charles] If you've been paying attention to the RNC at all, you've probably heard of a little area called Romneyville. This encampment is full of two groups of people; out of state protesters and Florida's homeless. This story details how the two groups are getting along, and why some of the homeless people appreciate Occupiers.
-- [Charles] This short video shows the banner drop at the RNC when Scott Walker took to the podium. Protesters shouted "Walker hates workers" while lowering banners with slogans against the governor. Others in attendence attempted to drown them out by shouting "U.S.A" over and over, but the point was well made.
-- Here's a bit of a long story, but it's worth reading. The SF Gate writes about Occupy is planning big things for September, and what can possibly be expected of the OWS crowd. Included in possible protests is the idea of making citizen's arrests of bankers. They also write about how the fatigue of those fighting back may have an impact on what goes on.
-- [Mrs. Kitty] My wife brought me this story when I woke up this morning. Apparently a group of miners and their families, whose boss receives plenty of kickbacks from Romney, have been repeatedly forced, without pay, to attend rallies and other events under threat of losing their jobs. The mining company denies this, but multiple families have written in to say that it is entirely accurate. How outrageous is this.
-- Lastly, here's a confrontation worth looking at. The title of the page says "Protesters shout vulgar slurs at Baptists." That sounds horrible, yeah? Well, it's a bit misleading. These Baptists aren't just any Baptists. Click the link to read more about this confrontation: Occupy vs. The Westboro Baptist Church.
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