Friday, August 17, 2012

Updates 8/17/12

Hello everyone.

I just received word that our good friend Shaun over from Kawfee Tawk has gone into labor! Let's all hope that everything goes smoothly and safely. It's time to welcome the OccuPod! :)

Also, I want to extend deep thanks to Charles, who sent me some videos on techniques to assist with my health problems. It is greatly appreciated, and I will be trying it out as soon as I have time. 

On to the news!

-- [Charles] Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, has been granted political asylum in Ecuador, much to the delight of his supporters and the dismay of Britain's government. The British government has threatened to arrest Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy, a threat being greatly criticized by his attorney and other supporters. If Britain chooses to do so, Assange will turn to the International Court of Justice for an appeal. Assange's life may still be in danger as some fear he has more sensitive information to reveal.

-- [Charles] As California prepares for a vote concerning the labeling of Genetically Modified foods (GMOs), it has become quite obvious who is threatened by it. Companies like Monsanto, Cargill, and Dupont Pioneer have already pushed over 25 million dollars into an attempt to defeat the initiative, with tactics ranging from swamping airwaves with negative info, to telling concumers the labeling would cause grocery bills and taxes to rise. 

-- An man police say is a part of Occupy LA has been arrested after biting the ear of a security guard, seriously injuring the man. Jose Navarro apparently approached the private security guard and a scuffle ensued, with Navarro spitting on the guard and eventually clamping down on his ear, leaving a two inch gash that required at least six stitches to close. Navarro has had previous arrests for resisting police. After he bit the man, Navarro escaped, but police caught up to him later. He tried to run through the officers, but was detained. (Dude, seriously? Who do you think you are? You hurt someone by BITING them. If this story is accurate, he definitely deserves to be arrested. Wtf, people?)

-- Occupiers in Charlotte have a victory to celebrate as a judge handed down a verdict of "not guilty" to three protesters who had been wrongfully charged with resisting arrest. In January, the three refused to leave the tent on the on the lawn in front of old City Hall, and were subsequently arrested and charged. The judge ruled that the charges were a mistake because the tent they were in was in compliance with the city's ordinances, so there was no reason to have arrested them to begin with. 

-- [Charles] As we rapidly approach the one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, it is important to remember where and how we began. I appreciate this video being sent in by Charles. This is Keith Olbermann reading the first ever collective statement from Occupy, originally aired in October of last year.


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