Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Updates 8/8/12

Hello everyone. 

I'm lucky this is a blog and not a podcast. We had our first ever drill slip yesterday. I have a big hole in my tongue. I love my dentist. He felt sooo bad about it happening. It ended up that he saw decay on another tooth while he was working on the first one, and had to do both of them. Drill out the old fillings, put in new ones. Two of my teeth are now 80% filling and 20% tooth, and he wants me to come back as soon as I can to get crowns and a bridge put in. So this is fairly short today, and mostly provided by my two awesome informants, Kate and Charles. 

My face hurts.

-- [Charles] The one-year anniversary of Occupy is quickly approaching. Have you been wondering what's in store? is getting ready, and has plans for you to look at and join in. 

-- [Charles] Occupy Unmasked is getting ready to hit theaters and be released on DVD. You can watch the trailer here. (I personally laughed about half-way through, when they were making Anonymous look oh-so-bad and *oops* spelled the name wrong. My first thought was "Typical.")

-- [Kate] Occupiers hit Saks Fifth Avenue yesterday to protest how the founder has made his fortunes by using underpaid Hispanic employees. Check out the video to see what went down.

-- [Kate] The NDAA has slipped rapidly out of the Corporate Media's eye, but that doesn't mean it's actually gone. This video is an interview with a lawyer involved in NDAA proceedings.

-- According to this article from the Washington Examiner, documents have confirmed that the "Obama White House" told officials in Portland to not arrest Occupiers last year. They say that the "Obama White House" had said multiple times that they had nothing to do with the protests. So apparently there is a scandal now. (Oh, and yes, I added quotes to "Obama White House." Why? Because it doesn't make any frickin' sense. It's the White House, regardless of who is in it. I'm used to hearing "The Obama Administration, The Bush Administration, The Clinton Administration," but this is the first I've heard of someone owning the White House. Isn't that nutty? "We have to make it so they believe that President Obama personally had a hand in doing this, so let's say the 'Obama White House.' It's perfect." I get irritable when they just use a President's last name to describe them, regardless of who the President is. Respect, people. Just because you don't like them or their administration doesn't mean you should disrespect them or the office. But this? This is just dumb. If you really believe that EVERYTHING that comes out of the White House has a perfect seal of Presidential Approval, you have some logic issues. I mean, most people in say, a family of four, don't hear about everything that happens, but you expect one person to know ALL that goes on in the White House? Have you seen the White House? Have you paid attention to the size of our government? I'm not saying that the President didn't approve this. All I'm saying is that we need to realize not everything is directly attributed to the President.)


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