Sunday, August 12, 2012

Updates 8/12/12

Hello everyone.

Well, I got home at around 3:30 a.m. last night. Not because I wanted to stay out so late, but because getting a cab on Saturday night can be almost impossible. I'd already walked five miles to get there, and I wasn't interested in walking all that way home again so late. Gotta be cautious. 

-- [Charles] Here's a video from back in September of last year, when Tom Morello went on Bill Maher's show to talk about President Obama and Occupy. He has some good insight, and then the others on the panel start arguing, which in itself is a bit humorous. 

-- [Charles] I think Charles feels that we need a little smile today. Last night he sent me this video parody of the Gotye song "Somebody that I used to know." It is titled "Obama that I used to know."

-- Is New York City really turning into a police state? It seems so, now that they have developed a new Domain Awareness System in partnership with Microsoft. The program links up all of the 3,000 cameras in the city, constantly scanning license plates and checking them against watch lists, as well as detecting radiation levels. Everyone in the city will be watched. The NYPD was the one to approach Microsoft and work with them on every step, so Microsoft has agreed that when they sell the programs to other cities, the NYPD will receive 30% of the profits.


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