Thursday, August 2, 2012

Updates 8/2/12 -- No good mood in sight.

Hello everyone.

We've got a few things to go over today. I'm mildly (to put it lightly) frustrated with people at the moment. I'm just sick of people who don't understand what is going on, don't bother to look up the truth or do research, and then assume they have correct opinions on something, when they aren't even discussing the actual issue at hand. 

Easy reminder of why I'm so damned antisocial. People are stupid and lazy. Go America! 

I hate humans sometimes. 

Sorry about that. I just cannot wait to get back into school, where I can have intelligent discussions with people who don't assert their opinions as being basis for stereotypical bullshit "facts."

Seriously, I lose more faith in people every day.

On to the news, before I explode. We've got a couple articles from Charles. And no, we will not be discussing the absolute stupidity of yesterday's Chick-Fil-A appreciation day, because I may just explode into a ball of fiery disgust. My little summaries are going to be very tinged with my opinions today, so be prepared. 

-- [Charles] We've been shot at, pepper-sprayed, yelled at, belittled, and beaten. What's next, you ask? How about a microwave gun so they can kettle people and roast them into human popcorn? You got it. The U.S. Military has now unveiled their new heat ray gun, with far-reaching capabilities that allow it to affect people up to 7 football fields away. In the video provided, they call it "The safest system we've developed, as far as the non-lethal capabilities..." Yes, that's perfectly safe.

-- [Charles] Every five seconds in this country it seems like we're fighting a new battle against our own government for our privacy. Well, here's another one. CISPA would give the government broad powers to block you from certain websites and read your emails, among other invasions. Head over to this site to sign a letter to your senator, and/or give them a call and tell them to knock the shit off. 

Okay, so my bad mood has pretty much overtaken everything. Let's move on to doing shorter descriptions so I don't rant much more.

-- Occupy Tampa is apparently moving by September 15th. Read here to find out why and where they may be going.

-- This is a great little article about how much freedom we've lost this year alone, thanks to a bill signed into law in March. Have a look.

-- Germantown residents are fighting back against Fannie Mae and foreclosures, and in their ranks you will find the Green Party Presidential Nominee. This is a good read.

-- Police forcibly removed camping protesters from Portland's City Hall, with at least one arrest.

-- Occupy is helping to set up a town hall meeting to discuss the chalking and other issues in downtown LA.


Yes, I have emotions too. I get very upset on occasion. For the most part, I'm pretty decent at hiding it. I apologize if I upset anyone with my anger. I'm in a lot of pain from my fibro and my teeth, and I'm also just getting super sick of stupidity. When it all gets to be too much, I kinda lose it for a day or two. If you want to email me to discuss anything, I'm here at I'm always nice to people that email me, no matter who they are. I may be taking a short "vacation" in a few days, so that I can recollect my thoughts and try to get back to normal. If I do, I'll let you know in advance. As always, thank you all for your support and loyal reading. You give me the strength and hope that the world is not yet lost. 

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